Instant Gratification: How Instant Issuance Is A Great Choice for YOU

It’s no secret that credit cards are a very efficient method of loaning money to consumers, and many institutions offer perks for clients opening a credit card account, such as “points” that can be redeemed for gift cards, vacations, or even cold, hard, cash. However, one of the downsides of credit cards, on the end of the lender, is the fact that it takes so long to issue a secure card to a client, that the “excitement” has worn off by the time they receive it and there are fewer purchases made on the card. In other words, there is less benefit for lenders when it comes to the cost of having the card made and sent out.

Fortunately, there is a modern solution to this problem that is rapidly growing in popularity. Instant Issuance is, like the name eludes to, an instant issuing of a credit card to an account holder. Basically, it allows for on-the-spot reception of credit cards by the consumer, which offers a multitude of benefits when compared to the past method of waiting for a card to be mailed out to borrowers once their account was created.

So, why choose an Instant Issuance solution?

  • It results in increased purchases (meaning more money for lenders) since consumers will not only be excited about the “newness” of a card, but will also be eligible for card-holder rewards at retailers, prompting them to spend money when they might not have otherwise.
  • It offers a sense of security for consumers. If their credit card is lost or stolen, they are able to receive an instant replacement, meaning they can carry on with their daily activities uninterrupted.
  • It streamlines the process of credit card application, setup, and issuance. Instead of a process that takes days or weeks, assigning a credit card to a user takes only minutes.

If you feel that an Instant Issuance solution is right for you, contact us. Mitchell and Associates works with some of the top suppliers in the business, and we can guarantee top-of-the-line service with high-quality software and hardware options. Our goal is for YOU to be successful, and we are prepared to help you. We can customize options for you, ensuring that you end up with the perfect product combination to meet your needs.

In a world that wants everything NOW, instant gratification is key. Instant Issuance is the instant gratification option for the banking world, so give us a call!