Worry Free: Why a Maintenance Plan Is Important

When many people hear a business discuss “warranties” or “maintenance contracts”, they automatically put up a bit of a guard. It’s no surprise, since in today’s world, many businesses make money off of these plans while offering little to no benefit from the warranty service even in the event of a product breaking or ceasing to work correctly. Why would a customer want to hand over money for something that won’t even serve as a safety net if something goes wrong with the item they’ve purchased?

However, on the other side of this argument, one can see some major benefits of a warranty done the right way. One that covers your product for a set period of time and offers guarantee of repair or replacement, and sometimes even maintenance on your purchased item would be worth adding on, wouldn’t it?

Here’s why…

First, a good warranty will give you peace of mind when you purchase a product. If something goes wrong, specifically with expensive items like computers, electronic equipment, etc., you know that you won’t end up paying for a repair or replacement out of pocket. Peace of mind is a big deal when you are making an investment of your hard-earned money.

Second, a good warranty plan (or maintenance contract, as we prefer to call them) that includes maintenance over a set period of time will extend the life of your product. Proper maintenance on any item that you own is important to make sure it runs at its best, and doesn’t wear out more quickly than it should. By having a maintenance plan, not only does it take the headache out of keeping up with a maintenance schedule on your equipment, but it also means you won’t be paying for the maintenance work out of your pocket each time a technician make a visit.

Finally, a maintenance contract actually saves you money in the long run. By maintaining items that you purchase, and repairing them as needed, you are cutting the costs of having to replace those things. When you are speaking of products like the equipment we sell at Mitchell and Associates, that is a lot of money saved by simply adding a maintenance contract onto your purchase at the very beginning. Repairing and maintaining an item is cheaper than replacing it, period.

If you are looking to purchase or replace any coin, currency, check or document system equipment, give us a call! We will help you choose exactly what you need to fit your needs, and can help you determine a maintenance contract that is right for you!