Remittance Processing: Solutions for Your Business

In the past, paying for goods and services with cash or a check was all done with a paper-based system, but the digital era has opened a whole new chapter of payment processing for businesses. For certain types of businesses, such as those offering recurring services like utility companies, local government offices, and financial institutions, remittance processing is a necessity for taking care of payments and the data that goes along with them.

When you receive a bill in the mail (such as your monthly water bill, or a statement requiring a routine payment toward a loan from your bank), if has a stub attached for return payment. This oftentimes has information such as an account number, a place to enter check information, etc. When you return this stub with your payment, the system used to handle the payment is called remittance processing. Typically these systems also help with storing the payment data and providing archives for consumers to look back at for a certain period of time.

Mitchell and Associates offers what you need to incorporate a remittance processing system into your own business. Our available software solutions include Jaguar and Inforscore, which are both major brands in the industry. We provide affordable options for your business, which means you can increase cash flow, offer better customer service to your own clients, and ultimately, grow your business.

If you think remittance processing might be right for your business, or if you are looking for money handling solutions for your business, give us a call. We serve the entire Southeast region of the country, and we are ready to help you.