Who Knew? Our 5 Favorite United States Banking Facts

Mitchell and Associates is proud to offer a variety of banking and currency handling equipment, as well as the needed supplies and document services to keep your business running smoothly. Today though, we are offering something else to you!

We want to make sure you are the hit of the party during your next trivia game. How can we help with that? Well, we have picked a few of our favorite facts about the history of banking here in the US. Some are funny, some are interesting, but we bet all of them will leave your trivia challengers scratching their heads!

So, what’s so interesting about the history of US banking?

  • During WWII, when Hiroshima was bombed, an American-made bank vault kept its contents safe and undamaged. After the destroyed bank was reconstructed, the new bank manager sent a congratulatory letter to the manufacturers of the vault! A vault that survives a nuclear bomb? We’d say that’s some pretty impressive craftsmanship!
  • Ever heard of Charles “Pretty-Boy” Floyd? This notorious gangster and bank robber had a pretty good run during the Great Depression. He endeared the public to himself by destroying mortgage records at the banks he robbed, thus freeing people from their debts. We guess you could say he was like a modern day Robin Hood.
  • Remember the childhood trick of using lemon juice as invisible ink? Well, in 1995 a man robbed two banks with lemon juice all over his face. When questioned about this odd practice, he told police that he thought it would make his fave invisible on security cameras!
  • During a count taken in 2009, researchers found that the United States of America had 8,200 banks. Our northern neighbors in Canada? Their grand total was 72.
  • In 1917, a bank in Utah decided to save on shipping costs by having 80,000 bricks sent in packages of 50 pounds each through the US Postal Service. They might have saved some money, but we imagine it took a lot of time to count and weigh all those bricks!

We hope you enjoyed these fun facts about the surprisingly fascinating world of banking! When you need assistance with currency handling equipment (both new and reconditioned), related supplies and accessories, or check and document handling, you know you can call on us here at Mitchell and Associates. We are proud to serve the greater Southeast area with a quality experience of personalized service.